Tulsi Holy Basil Tea

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Using passive drying techniques and allowing just the right amount of oxidization, we are confident that our Tulsi Holy Basil Tea is better in flavor than any other Holy Basil on the market,  plus it hasn’t seen any chemical treatment or traveled thousands of miles to reach your cup. We are happy to offer our Tulsi Holy Basil through Steep of Faith Teas. Each box holds 16 tea bags.


Our original tea, the one that got our little company started, Tulsi Holy Basil. What can we say about this tea that we love so much? Used for its medicinal value for millennia, Tulsi has been found to be a powerful aid for boosting immune system health, stress relief, providing mental clarity without artificially charging the body (it’s caffeine-free). Any research into its many benefits will demonstrate its value.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the many medicinal actions of the herb, including properties which make it an:

•Anti-inflammatory, used to reduce inflammation

•Adaptogenic, strengthening the body’s capacity to cope with any given stress

•Immunomodulator, fortifying the immune system

•Antibacterial, used to prevent, resist and counteract bacterial infection

•Hepatoprotective, has the ability to prevent damage to the liver in addition to many other actions.*

We grow all our own Tulsi- we don’t buy it in from China or India- which means that the product is locally grown and more freshly milled. The many varieties of Tulsi available in stores everywhere simply cannot compete with the unbelievable flavor of our Tulsi Holy Basil Tea. Delicious, slightly minty, slightly clove-like, slightly floral with sometime notes of tropical fruit.

Steep it for under ten minutes for a light, bright cup of tea, honeyed in the mouth feel and completely wonderful. Steep it longer and you get an amber tea with lots of complexity without any of the tannic bitterness you get from other teas. Try it today! Each box has 16 teabags.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Truly an amazing tea! I keep coming back for more

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