Pottstown Mercury

We are very excited to welcome the Pottstown Mercury to our farm for their series of stories highlighting our work over the course of the 2015 season.  Sustainable practices in growing organic produce are as important to us as the neighbors that we sell them to, and it’s a blessing to us that the word is spreading.

By employing old-world technologies to grow our crops, the only petroleum-bIMG_4458ased fuels consumed are those which we use to deliver our produce to our local customer base, which means a very low ecological impact. Although this approach to agriculture means a much more concentrated yield from the land, we believe that by providing a wide variety of unique crops through relationship to like-minded neighbors, we are doing what’s best for the land and for our community.

You can support us by buying from us at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market, or direct from our farm stand every Sunday beginning May 18th from 9-2. Our tea is available at these location as well as at Kimberton Whole Foods (ask for us by name: Steep of Faith Teas), Weaver’s Way Co-ops and the Swarthmore Co-op.

Watch for continued coverage of our efforts this season in the Pottstown Mercury and thank you!

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