Big Changes in 2017

Things have been going well at Jubilee Hill Farm!
As many of you know, we scaled back our produce….um…. production in 2016 to make way for the expansion of our tea growth. In addition to growing nearly 5,000 tulsi plants in our raised beds, we also grew various mints, medicinal herbs, as well as a respectable little bumper crop of hard-necked garlic (a potent medicinal of it’s own!).

David did double duty last year, signing on as the manager at Kimberton CSA, where he worked more than full time hours through the height of the season, and came home to Jubilee Hill to do many midnight harvests of our holy basil. It was a fruitful and exhausting time.

Now as 2017 ramps up, we are striding confidently into a new and exciting time as a local farm. Having finished his time at Kimberton CSA, David now plans to expand our tea business dramatically this year. Here are some of the changes you can watch

David carries bundles of tulsi holy basil just harvested and ready for drying.

for in the coming months:


  • New packaging for our teas, including individually sealed teabags with distinctive design work!
  • Our tea being carried by a number of new stores!
  • A series of new products will be announced in the coming months (get ready to pick a pack of pitcher pouches!).

We are also working on a new website for our business, Steep of Faith Tea Company. The site will launch soon, and this site will redirect there.

In the meantime, we wanted to say a much-belated “hello” and to let you know of some of the changes coming your way from us this season.

As always , we thank you for your continued support of Jubilee Hill Farm and Steep of Faith Teas.



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